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Keio Plaza Hotel Ikebana Exhibition

Sydney March 31, 2017 - The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo will host a special “Ikebana” (flower arrangement) exhibition by renowned artist Hiroki Maeno from 1-16 April 2017. A large 2.7 x 5 m flower arrangement adorned by some 200 “sakura” (cherry blossom) branches will be…...

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Short Trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Sydney March 28, 2017 - JNTO Head Office has launched a new website highlighting short trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. The site provides model routes for one- and two-day trips. Foreigners living in Japan have selected their favourite places to visit and written up their…...

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Nikko 100km Ultra Marathon

Sydney March 21, 2017 - The first Nikko 100km Ultra Marathon will be held on Sun, 2nd July 2017. The course runs through shrines and temples, inside theme parks such as Tobu World Square and Nikko Edomura, Nikko Cedar Road, Irohazaka Route and other famous places…...

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10 must try eats & drinks in Japan!

Sydney March 21, 2017 - Quirky, colourful and downright strange – here are my top 10 eats & drinks! Full to the brim with all things weird, wonderful and delicious, Japan is a culinary delight with everything from sugary delights to hearty soups and noodle…...

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Tourist friendly taxi in Kyoto

Sydney March 17, 2017 - Kyoto started a new tourist friendly taxi service, Foreign Friendly TAXI. It is the first of its kind in Japan and features: Drivers that have completed a foreign language seminar and customer service training Taxis that readily accept credit cards and IC cards…...

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Book your room on the Seven Stars Kyushu

Sydney March 17, 2017 - Book your room on Japan’s first luxury sleeper train, the Seven Stars in Kyushu for autumn and winter. Applications open from April 1-15. View PDF for full details of tour contents, prices, and premium add-on travel products. Available dates 4 days, 3 nights…...

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Traveling Japan through Art, Design & Architecture

Sydney March 9, 2017 - Japan National Tourism Organization - (JNTO) head office has published a new website and pocket guide highlighting creatively designed spaces across the length and breadth of Japan. Get off the beaten path and onto a more creative trajectory by planning your…...

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