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Narita Airport Travel Center

August 23, 2017 Day Tours

Partners information: Narita Airport Travel Center Great news for travellers seeking last-minute hotel bookings, bus and train tickets or day tours! JTB opened the Narita Airport Travel Center on 10th August 2017. The Travel Center can help travellers with the following products and…...

Highway Bus from Tokyo to Central Honshu

August 21, 2017 Travel Passes

Partners Information: Did you know that you can travel from Shinjuku in Tokyo to popular tourist destinations in the Central Honshu region by highway bus? These include Matsumoto, the Shinhotaka Ropeway, Hida Takayama and the UNESCO World Heritage site of…...

Higashiyama Walking Course in Takayama

August 11, 2017 Adventures

Partners Information: Takayama City in Gifu is home to a temple area called Higashiyama. This area is inspired by a district of the same name in Kyoto. Lord Kanamori Nagachika, who built Takayama as a castle town, had a deep love of…...

Fukagawa Hachiman Main Festival

August 10, 2017 Festivals

Partners Information: The Fukagawa Hachiman Festival will hold its main festival (hon-matsuri) this year. The main festival is celebrated only once every three years. One of the Three Great Festivals of Edo (Tokyo), Fukagawa Hachiman Festival takes place at Tomioka Hachiman…...

Japan Sightseeing Train Tours

August 8, 2017 Transportation

Partners Information: Club Tourism YOKOSO Japan Tour has launched a series of special Japan sightseeing train tours. These tours offer travellers the chance to board special sightseeing trains, which are hard to book if you live outside of Japan. The train journeys offered span…...

Iiyama Cycling

August 7, 2017 Adventures

Partners Information: Do you fancy cycling through the Japanese countryside against a beautiful backdrop of rice paddies and mountains? Look no further than Iiyama cycling. Iiyama Cycling On your next trip to Japan, visit Iiyama city in Nagano Prefecture. It’s less…...

Japanese restaurant booking site J-Dining

August 7, 2017 Cuisine

Partners information: JTB Publishing has opened the new Japanese restaurant booking site: J-Dining. The site has information on over 100 restaurants in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and also has plans to expand in the future. J-Dining is available in English or Chinese. Japanese food…...

Mount Fuji Travel booking site now open

August 4, 2017 Day Tours

Partners Information: Tourism Shizuoka Japan (TSJ) has launched a new website, Mount Fuji Travel. Through the website, overseas travellers can experience a variety of experiential programs such as cycling or hiking in Shizuoka Prefecture and book directly with local operators.…...

Ishikawa Tourism new promotional video

August 4, 2017 Culture

Ishikawa Tourism new promotional video Partners information: Have you been to Ishikawa? The Ishikawa Tourism new promotional video introduces the highlights of Ishikawa Prefecture, from its history and culture to seasonal beauty and food. Ishikawa is split into four major areas:…...

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