3 places to visit in Eastern Kochi

Muroto Global Geopark Center

Muroto Global Geopark

Murotozaki is a peninsula at the edge of eastern Aichi, Shikoku. Shaken by the rough waves of the Pacific, it’s also been recognised as a “global geopark”. The scenery of interwoven rocks pushed upward by crustal plate movements is globally rare and worth a look. The “Global Geopark Center” nearby gives information about the geopark.



Hotsumisakiji (East Temple)


Hotsumisakiji is the 24th temple of the famous Shikoku Pilgrimage. It’s located in Murotozaki, eastern Kochi. This temple has the calm atmosphere of the Buddhist monk Kukai and soothes the spirit.

Mikurodo Cave

Mikurodo Cave

Kukai is said to have trained at this natural cave in Murotozaki, eastern Kochi. It is said that Kukai, who reached enlightenment in this place, named himself “Kukai” (sea and sky) due to the beautiful contrast of sea and sky seen from within the cave. This is a deeply moving “power spot” where Kukai’s name originated.

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