Kanto (around Tokyo)

Kanto (around Tokyo)

Kanto (around Tokyo)

The hot springs of Kanto, the area that takes in Tokyo and the surrounding area, are some of the most loved and well-attended onsen in all of Japan. The diversity of the region encompasses cosmopolitan metropolises, charming villages, and stunning mountain getaways which mean all variety of onsen can also be found.

Visitors to Manza Onsen will enjoy unparalleled views in their outdoor spas 1800 metres above sea level. In winter time, you sit surrounded by snow and ice, impossibly warmed by bubbling water – the most sulphuric in Japan.

Down closer to sea level, Kusatsu Onsen has been offering some of the best hot springs for centuries, with their famed yubatake, or hot water field, in the town centre. Or head to Nikko Yumoto Onsen which boasts several hot springs at the foot of Mount Nantai. Located deep within Nikko National Park, Mount Nantai is a sacred, extinct volcano.

Those wishing to not stray too far from Tokyo (itself full of day-visit onsen) should make the quick trip to Kinugawa Onsen, which is a well-developed hot spring resort that lines the Kinugawa River. If you are travelling with more adventurous types, send them to the various nearby theme parks while you luxuriate.