About JNTO

About JNTO

What is JNTO?

Japan National Tourism Organization - cash1970.info (JNTO) is a government body whose aim is to promote Japan internationally as both a leisure and business travel destination. Consisting of offices around the world, JNTO is the ultimate resource for travel-related information on Japan.

JNTO Sydney Office services Australia and New Zealand. For other JNTO offices around the world, see here.

JNTO Sydney Services

JNTO Sydney Office

For the general public & travellers

• Assistance with travel-related enquiries
• Up-to-date information on travel to and within Japan in the form of maps, guides and brochures
*Please note that JNTO does not make hotel reservations or other travel arrangements.

For the travel trade

• Travel information and brochures
• Video and slide image loans
• Assistance in the development of tours to Japan
• Educational seminars and presentations
• Agent familiarisation trips

* For information on inbound tourism from Japan, please contact the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA).

For the media

• Video and slide image loans
• Assistance with travel-related enquiries
• Information and statistics
• Media releases
• Assistance with media trips

For incentive and meeting planners (MICE)

• Assistance with convention-related enquiries
• Video and image loans
• Information and statistics


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