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6 Tips For a Truly Authentic Japan Travel Experience

This article was contributed by Dean Wormald, creator of Japan Travel Mate, a Japan photo blog and travel guide. Find a festival Okazaki’s Cherry Blossom Festival There are thousands of local festivals throughout the country at all times of the…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Kyoto Part 3) by Leon Matigian

We were totally captured by Kyoto’s beauty and charm.  Thank goodness we had booked to stay 6 nights in Kyoto as it just gave us enough time to visit and appreciate the main sights. We strolled through Gion, which is…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Kyoto Part 2) by Leon Matigian

Kyoto is like a gift that keeps on giving.   So much to see and do.  We visited Ginkaku-ji Temple (the Silver Pavilion), which contrary to its name, is not silver at all.  It was intended to be coated in silver…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Kyoto Part 1) by Leon Matigian

The crescendo of our magical Journey to Japan was maximised upon reaching Kyoto.  Our six night stay in Kyoto was well rewarded with visiting temples, shrines, Imperial Palaces, beautiful gardens and parks. We were totally stunned by the size and…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Kanazawa) by Leon Matigian

Kanazawa sights and attractions are well spread out and we used buses to take us around everywhere – well worth the money and believe me when I say the buses are regular and pretty much on time. We visited the…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Takayama/Shirakawago) by Leon Matigian

The best part of Takayama is that it can be easily explored on foot.  It is surrounded by mountains and Takayama has its own architecture, food and crafts.  We admired the beautifully crafted traditional merchant homes in the elegant historic…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Nagano) by Leon Matigian

The tourist information at the Matsumoto train station was one of the best we visited on our trip.  All the information we needed for our visit (and the hike) was given to us and they even suggested visiting the annual…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Hakone) by Leon Matigian

This beautiful part of the world, Hakone, deserves 2 nights and 3 days.  We bought Odakyu’s 3 day round trip Hakone Free Pass, which covered different modes of transport (train, tram, cable car, bus and the Ropeway, which was unfortunately…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Tokyo Part 2) by Leon Matigian

A short walk from the Tsukiji Fish Markets leads you to the famous Hama Rikyu gardens. We saw it as an urbane oasis in the middle of modern high rise buildings. The gardens were beautifully presented, including three bridges draped…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Tokyo Part 1) by Leon Matigian

“Just do it” comes to mind when I think of our 4 week tour of Japan. For years we hesitated going there, but now that we have seen much of the world we decided it was time to see and…...

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Diving in the Kerama Islands – Okinawa

Okinawa conjures images of an exotic island paradise that became entangled with the USA’s involvement in the Pacific War of WWII. The cluster of the some 160 islands which make up the Okinawa archipelago is starting to nudge travellers radars…...

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The Mystifying world of the Elusive Geisha

Walking quietly passed wooden and bamboo houses through the hauntingly empty streets of Gion. Lanterns float and bicycles lean against the wooden walls. My feet slap on the wet stones as I take in these picture perfect surroundings with thoughts…...

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Blog: Matsushima spring by Lyndall Green

I read that Matsushima Bay (Miyagi Prefecture) was one of the three most scenic places in Japan and couldn’t resist adding it to our itinerary, especially as we were travelling in spring.  Having grown a fondness for the smaller, less…...

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A Journey to the Heart of Japan

On 1st -7th June 2014, eight wholesale travel agents from Australia were invited by Japan National Tourism Organization - (JNTO) Sydney Office on a 5-night hosted product development and familiarisation trip to the Chubu region of Japan. After flying from Sydney…...

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Yakushima – an island of mystery and natural beauty by Lyndall Green

We went to Yakushima after reading about their ancient cedar forests and status as a World Natural Heritage Island. The island is not well known by international tourists but is popular with the Japanese, especially nature lovers. It’s subtropical and…...

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