Consumer Hotline for Tourists

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan has launched the Consumer Hotline for Tourists which offers telephone consultations for overseas visitors that experience consumer issues during their stay in Japan.

Feel free to call this hotline if you encounter consumer issues involving stores, restaurants, bars, transportation or lodging during your visit.

Note: this hotline is for consumer related issues only. It cannot provide tourist information or answer questions related to lost items, accidents, illness or injury.

Phone number


*Standard call rates apply

Operating hours

Mon. – Fri. 10am-4pm (closed weekends, national holidays and Dec. 29 – Jan. 3)

Available languages

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese


  1. A product you purchased was broken.
  2. You were charged an exorbitant amount at a restaurant or bar.
  3. You were charged high repair costs for a rental car.
  4. Your hotel room was not what you had reserved.

Further information

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

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