Japan’s natural beauty contains a number of world heritage sites that will stay with your family forever. From pristine beaches to unspoilt snowfields, taking the family into Japan’s great outdoors will be the adventure of a lifetime.

No natural wonder is more iconic than Mt Fuji, known to the Japanese as Fuji-san. Ascending its mighty peak may not be ideal for the entire family, but fortunately, Fuji-san is the centrepiece of a spectacular nature reserve known as Fuji-Hakone-Izu that includes many stunning lakes, outdoor activities, temples, and walks in which you can take in the mountain’s majestic beauty.

Dotted around Fuji-san are the famous Five Lakes, along with plateaus, waterfalls, and caves, resorts, and hot springs. A pre-dawn pilgrimage to nearby Lake Tanuki will let the whole family experience the wonder of “Diamond Fuji”, the precious moment when the sun rises on the top of the mountain.

Family vacations in the winter months can combine outdoor adventures, sport, and nature appreciation with a visit to Japan’s numerous snowfields. Skiers, snowboarders, and those looking to learn will love Japan’s powdery snowfields. Many ski resorts cater to family vacations, with a wide variety of activities and ski runs to suit every age. Don’t miss the many snow and ice sculpture festivals that happen every winter, with huge displays of colour that make the ice come alive.

Springtime in Japan is another perfect time to bring the family to enjoy the festival of the cherry blossom, that brief moment when the sakura is in full bloom. Some national gardens boast over 30,000 trees as well as festivals involving large outdoor events perfect for the entire family with free entertainment. Even if you miss cherry blossom season, a seemingly endless number of botanical gardens, national parks, and nature reserves are waiting to be discovered on Japan’s many islands.

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