Nightlife in Japan

The nightlife of Japan is amazing to behold. The iconic streets of Tokyo, the subject of inspiration for filmmakers for generations, are bathed in neon light and buzzing with a contagious energy that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported well into the future. There is truly no where else in the world like Tokyo at night.

The nightlife culture provides any traveller to Japan with an endless amount of adventures and activities through which they can experience the almost surreal night time settings of this country. From the relaxed Japanese style pubs known as Izakaya, to the intimate entertainment of Karaoke, discover what Japan has in store for you below.


Japan is the birthplace of Karaoke, and unlike its western counterpart, it takes place in private rooms. This means any of the hundreds of thousands of Karaoke bars right across Japan are the perfect destination for a night of entertainment with a small group of friends or colleagues. Just make sure you have a favourite song lined up!

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These Japanese-style pubs are the ideal choice for any traveller looking for a relaxed night amidst a lively atmosphere. Affordable drinks and great food that’s designed to be shared between a round of drinks are on the menu as you’re offered a glimpse into everyday Japanese nightlife.

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The iconic sprawling neon jungle of Tokyo has captured the imaginations of travellers worldwide. Almost every corner of this city comes to life at night, offering a variety of after dark activities to suit any persuasion. Bar hopping, night clubbing, or fine dining; you’ll find it in Tokyo.

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