In the northern region of Honshu sits the Tohoku region, a stunning mountainous part of Japan with equally stunning onsen.

Tamagawa Onsen may sound geologically unstable, but the region promises much peace and wellbeing once you dip into their hot springs. The onsen features the most acidic hot spring waters in Japan, set amidst an active volcano. If that’s not enough, Tamagawa, Japan’s most productive hot spring, is sourced with a very rare radioactive stone, promising a wide range of health benefits.

If that all sounds a bit too exciting, consider visiting Ginzan Onsen. Nestled comfortably in Yamagata prefecture’s remote mountains, Ginzan is easily one of Japan’s prettiest onsen towns with many historic ryokan dotting their calm river. Once you’ve visited Ginzan, glide over to Takayu Onsen, halfway up the slopes of Mount Azuma. Takayu’s claim to fame is its highly acidic, sulfuric waters which many claim have been the best in Japan for centuries.

Many metres above Lake Tazawako in Akita prefecture you will find Nyuto Onsen, named after the suggestively shaped Mount Nyuto. This wonderfully remote collection of onsen has been offering weary travellers relief for centuries, and you’ll think you’ve wandered back in time to ancient Japan as the hot springs wash away your cares.

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