Shopping in Japan

One of the highlights of travelling to Japan is taking the time to stroll hidden alleyways and browse glistening malls on a shopping adventure. From meticulously crafted designer fashion both local and international, to high tech gadgetry and quirky gift items; there is always something that catches your eye when shopping in Japan.

High End Fashion

Shop the premium luxury brands of the world right across Japan and experience stores brimming with high class feel and this season’s latest lineups. Whether it's the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo, Shinsaibashi in Osaka or Restir in Roppongi, the luxury high end fashion of the world comes together in Japan.

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Modern Trends

From Harajuku girls to the stylish Maison Kitsuné, the world keeps a close eye on what the trendsetting fashionistas and designers of Japan are up to. With a reputation for finger on the pulse, creative, forward thinking fashion Japan is the perfect destination for anyone looking to shop the season’s latest trends.

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Located in the always-cosmopolitan Tokyo, Shibuya is the centre of Japanese trends and birthplace of contemporary Japanese culture. If you’re looking to discover what trend from Japan is going to take the world by storm next, just stroll out of Shibuya station and explore the ambient streets.

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Japanese Denim

Universally lauded for their structural integrity, a dyeing and manufacturing process that draws on a rich history of textile making, and their timeless style; Japanese denim is a must have item for any wardrobe. Explore the specialist boutiques throughout the country and take a bit of Japan’s craftsmanship home with you.

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Tax-free Shopping

Learn how tourists can shop tax-free in Japan! Find a tax-free shop near you.

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