Shibuya is the centre of Japanese trends, located in the always-cosmopolitan Tokyo. Famous for its fashion forwardness, Shibuya is also home to the newest in other forms of culture like music, movies, and more.

Streets of all sizes expand outward from the central point of Shibuya Station, each one brimming with its own unique ambience. The first thing that attracts the eye as you walk through the Hachiko-guchi exit is the fashion building Shibuya 109. Extremely popular with teenage girls, Shibuya 109 is a mecca for Japanese youth decked out in a variety of street styles.

If the outrageous style of those Tokyo teens has inspired you, make sure you visit Cospatio Shibuya, one of the biggest cosplay stores in Tokyo. Every anime character under the sun is represented, along with high-quality, highly-visible clothes, wigs, and accessories.

Once you navigate the trendsetting Shibuya 109, head to nearby Beams Shibuya for two storeys of cutting edge, specialist fashion for men and women. Also in Shibuya, Candy Sister reigns supreme as a new leader of the Shibuya fashion scene.

Within Shibuya, you’ll also find Omotesando Hills centre, an impressive gathering of Japanese and global brands ranging from high-end fashion to streetwear. Don’t miss a chance to step inside the impeccable idea by SOSU, which carries brands like Rick Owens and Lanvin.

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