Fast Lane Service Begins at Narita Airport

Fast Lane Service Begins at Narita Airport

Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) has launched a new Fast Lane service at the inbound passport control areas of Terminals 1 and 2 from 30th March 2016. It is the first Japanese airport to launch such a service, aiming to make arrival procedures as rapid and stress-free as possible catering for the increase in visitors to Japan towards 2020.

The Fast Lane will speed up immigration procedures at Narita Airport by providing dedicated control lanes for certain foreign visitors including conference attendees, VIPs, etc.

Operation hours

6:00 – 23:00 (variation possible)

Number of lanes

Eight total, at four locations

Operation flow

Fast Lane Coupons will be issued to VIPs by airlines (on arrival or during flight) or to international conference attendees via professional congress organisers (printed or downloaded in advance).


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