JNTO Tourist Information Center (TIC)

JNTO TIC (Tourist Information Center), operated by Japan National Tourism Organization - cash1970.info, offers detailed and comprehensive information for all of Japan.

Our friendly staff, fluent in English Chinese and Korean has a wealth of knowledge and will provide you trustworthy advice on what to see and do in Japan. At JNTO TICs, you can use PCs connected to the Internet and Wi-Fi for free. Don’t forget to drop in when you visit Japan!

Free Cultural Experience Opportunities

We have started to offer new services for visitors to allow you to experience Japanese culture such as trying on “Kimono”- traditional clothes, making “Origami”-the art of folding paper, writing “Shodo”- calligraphy, and more. Don’t miss this great chance to experience Japanese culture, take nice photos, and create lasting memories!

Further information


Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and rental computers!

Get insider tips from locals

Enjoy cultural experiences such as trying on kimono

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