Kansai Airport to Koyasan Non-stop Limousine Bus Service

Partners Information: Direct access from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Koyasan in 105 minutes!

The Limousine Bus provides easy and smooth access to Koyasan, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Experience traditional Buddhist culture at over 100 temples.

Operation period

Daily from Sep.1 to Nov.30 2018


KIX to Koyasan

Departure 11:17am (Terminal 2) – Departure 11:30am (Terminal 1)

Arrival 1:10pm Daimon-Minami Parking Bus Stop – Arrival 1:18pm Okunoin-mae Bus Stop

Koyasan to KIX

Departure 2:35pm Okunoin-mae Bus Stop

Arrival 4:20pm (Terminal 1) – Arrival 4:31pm (Terminal 2)



Adults: 2,000 yen (1,800 yen if booked online)

Children: 1,000 yen (900 yen if booked online)

Online Booking

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