Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP) on sale

Kyushu Expressway Pass (KEP) on sale

The Kyushu Expressway Pass is available for purchase in 2016.


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Features of the pass:


The pass is available to non-Japanese passport holders or Japanese nationals with permanent residency in foreign countries. Drivers must hold a valid drivers license and International Driving Permit (IDP).

Usage period

From Tuesday, 1st September 2016~

Price (rental car fees not included)

2day / 3,500 yen
3day / 4,500 yen
4day / 5,500 yen
5day / 6,500 yen
6day / 7,500 yen
7day / 8,500 yen
8day / 9,500 yen
9day / 10,500 yen
10day / 11,500 yen

Further information

Visit the official site


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