Chanel 9 Kerri-Anne Show goes to Japan! Watch it weekdays from 9am.

Chanel 9 Kerri-Anne Show goes to Japan! Watch it weekdays from 9am.

Japan National Tourism Organization - in conjunction with Qantas Airways and the City of Matsumoto proudly supported Channel 9 KERRI-ANNE SHOW‘s visit to Japan to be aired between November 21st and 25th, 2011. In that period, reporter Mr. Jamie Malcolm will report on Japan’s popular destinations and attractions.

He visited Tokyo’s busiest intersection in Shibuya; met some uniquely dressed people in Harajuku; was served by some pretty waitresses at the Maid Cafe and found some funky vending machines in electric town Akihabara; tasted some of the best sushi at Kyubey Ginza; stayed over at a capsule hotel in Shinbashi; tasted some interesting products at Daio wasabi farm in Matsumoto; fought with a samurai in front of the historical Matsumoto Castle; spoke with the only local Hina paper doll maker; met a rickshaw woman in traditional Takayama; tasted the famous Hida beef; rode on a boat and ropeway on the backdrop of Mt. Fuji and ate some black shelled eggs boiled in sulphurous hot springs in Hakone; and found the kid inside of him at Tokyo’s DisneySea.

To find your favourite Japan experience, watch the Kerri-Anne Show next week from 9am and visit JNTO’s website for details on each location visited.


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