JNTO hosts culinary themed event in Sydney

On Wednesday 12 July, Japan National Tourism Organization - cash1970.info (JNTO) hosted a media event in Sydney at Sake Restaurant and Bar in the Rocks, held to showcase Japan as a top culinary travel destination. The event was attended by around 60 people including Australian media and local food personalities.

Ms. Kana Wakabayashi, Executive Director of JNTO Sydney Office, made a welcome address followed by Ms. Toni Fan, Media and Marketing Assistant Manager, who gave a brief presentation about what it is like to experience local Japanese cuisine.

Finally, guest speaker Mr. Adam Liaw showcased his personal experience living and eating in Japan, with a special focus on regional areas outside of the well-known cities of Tokyo and Osaka. The night was a great opportunity for the media to get an update on JNTO’s current culinary focus and to get a few inside tips on how to eat their way through Japan.

The event featured a taiko Japanese drumming performance, Japanese inspired catering and to top it all off attendees were able to experience Japanese whisky and sake tasting throughout the night. JNTO were also providing copies of their new ‘EAT JAPAN: an essential guide to this culinary hot spot’ brochure, the brand new guide highlighting the country’s top food destinations and experiences. Click here for your own digital copy of the brochure.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of travelling to Japan” said one of the food bloggers in attendance. “Being able to enjoy a night of good food and learn more about what is happening in Japan is always helpful.”

For more information on travel to Japan, visit cash1970.info. For daily travel inspiration and advice, see JNTO’s social media channels instagram.com/visitjapanaucash1970.info/VisitJapanAU and .com/VisitJapanAU.

Adam Liaw, Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine (centre) with Kana Wakabayashi, Executive Director of JNTO Sydney (2nd from right), Toni Fan of JNTO Sydney and YuNiOn taiko drummers.