Post-Earthquake Japan: Outbound Tourism Industry Session

Sydney April 20, 2011 – The Japan National Tourism Organization - (JNTO) Sydney Office held an industry briefing and discussion session about post-earthquake Japan onWednesday, 20th April from 14:00-15:30 at the Japan Foundation Seminar Room in Sydney.

The session was aimed at sharing updated information and ideas for counter-measures to declining tourism in Japan post-earthquake with tourism industry partners and media. A total of 44 people attended, 34 industry representatives in managerial positions and 10 representatives from the travel media.

The session began with an opening speech by Mr. Yamashita, Executive Director ofJNTO Sydney, where he expressed his gratitude to industry partners for supporting Japan at such difficult times and concluded saying “Japan is often referred to as the land of the rising sun. In any case, Japan will recover from the current difficulties and soon a new bright sun will shine upon it again.”

During the Discussion Session, JNTO outlined its future strategies and received some valuable feedback and ideas from industry partners on possible strategies, which were discussed at length. Many stressed that primary strategies should focus on increasing consumer confidence for travel to unaffected areas in Japan.

In conclusion, the Japan National Tourism Organization - will reflect the ideas generated today in its future strategies for tourism to Japan.