New luggage storage service at Hiroshima station

New luggage storage service at Hiroshima station

Partners Information: Chugoku JR Bus Company started a new luggage storage service next to Hiroshima Station Tourist Information, on 2F Hiroshima Shinkansen Meitengai.

In conjunction with the renovation of Hiroshima Station, the new service aims to make travel to Hiroshima city more convenient for travellers from inside and outside Japan.


1) Luggage checking service


To commemorate the opening, for a limited time, A size will be 500 yen and B size 800 yen.

2) Home delivery service

Operated by Sagawa Express, Japan Post. Fees vary.


Shinkansen Meitengai 2F, 1-2 Matsubara-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima.

Outside the Hiroshima Station Shinkansen ticket gate, next to the General Information Center.


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