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Maizuru Castle

Partners Information: After the downfall of Takeda Shingen, Maizuru Castle (also known as Kofu Castle) was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi was known as the man who unified Japan. Today, Maizuru Castle Park includes one part of the castle ruins. History The castle…...

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Journey to Eastern Hokkaido

I was lucky enough to visit Hokkaido’s doto region – Eastern Hokkaido on a recent trip to Japan. Places to see Notsuke Peninsula Notsuke is a curved ‘prawn-shaped’ peninsula stretching 26km into the Nemuro Strait. It is also Japan’s largest sandbank. We…...

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We’re Hiring: Business Development and Marketing Assistant Manager

Japan National Tourism Organization - (JNTO) is a Japanese government body which aims to promote Japan to travellers from overseas. JNTO Sydney Office promotes to the Australian, New Zealand and the Pacific. We are looking for a Business Development & Marketing Assistant…...

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More Koyasan and Kumano Kodo by Bus

Partners Information: Your exploration of the ancient Buddhist complex of Koyasan and the Kumano Sanzan—the grand shrines of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route—just got much easier. Unlimited ride bus passes connecting the Koyasan area and the Kumano Sanzan are now…...

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Hoshino Resorts launches Omo brand hotels

Partners Information: Hoshino Resorts launched OMO, their fourth brand of hotel themed – Get down with the local rhythm. OMO Hotels are made for budget-conscious travellers that want to live like locals. Each hotel provides information on local food, sightseeing spots and fun attractions for a…...

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Freeze Ray Sliders ride opening at Universal Studios Japan

Partners Information: A new Freeze Ray Sliders ride is opening in the World’s Largest Minion-themed Area at Universal Studios Japan! The grand opening date is Saturday, 30 June 2018. About Freeze Ray Sliders One summer day, with the heat beating…...

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Satoyama Run in Hida Takayama 2018

Partners Information: SATOYAMA RUN in HIDA TAKAYAMA 2018 Sato means ‘homeland’ and yama means ‘mountain’. In the mountain villages of Takayama, locals live in harmony with nature. In the Satoyama Run in Hida Takayama, you can run through the beautiful countryside surrounded by…...

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3 Days in Yakushima

This October, I was lucky enough to spend 3 days on Yakushima, a small, circular island 135km south of Kagoshima city. Before going, I’d heard about some of the island’s more famous attractions, like the Shiratani Unsuikyo Gorge (made famous…...

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Rice planting at Hida Folk Village

Partners Information: Rice planting in beautiful rounded rice field! Rice planting season is coming. In Japan, only two rounded rice fields remain and one can be found in Takayama. These special rice fields were historically significant to the Shinto religion.…...

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1-day Flower Tour of Eastern Hokkaido

Partners Information: From late May to early June, Eastern Hokkaido is blanketed in pink with beautiful shibazakura (pink moss). Take a day tour from Sapporo to see the shibazakura, blooming alongside tulips! Cost 11,980 yen for adults, 10,980 yen for children…...

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Cycling in Shinanomachi Nagano

Partners Information: Enjoy a leisurely cycle through the Japanese countryside and admire the beauty of national parkland. Shinanomachi, a rural town of northern Nagano prefecture, offers rental bicycles and lots of summer activities such as camping, hiking, and water sports. The varied cycling or…...

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Mt Fuji Climbing Tour

Partners Information: Willer Express’s 2-day Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour is so popular that over 3,500 customers have completed it. The tour organisers have figured out how to make it as easy as possible for novice climbers to see the sun at the summit, and…...

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Kobe Marathon entries open

Partners Information: Entries are now open to overseas visitors for the 8th Kobe Marathon, held on Sunday, 18 November 2018. The theme of the event is “Thanks and Friendship”. Run this beautiful course against the backdrop of the Seto Inland Sea…...

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Access to Mt Aso crater resumed

Partners Information: Access to Kumamoto Prefecture’s Mt Aso has restarted with the new Mt Aso Loop Shuttle Bus operated by Kyushu Sanko Tourism Co., ltd. This bus provides alternative transport to the Mt Aso Ropeway, which is still currently out of…...

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Cycling Shimanami Event Applications Open

Partners Information: Setouchi Shimanami Kaido International Cycling Event Cycling Shimanami 2018 Cycle across highway bridges with views of the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea! Every course includes the unique chance to cycle directly on the highway bridges that connect…...

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