Online Reservations for Kintetsu Limited Express

Online Reservations for Kintetsu Limited Express

If you are planning a long distance trip using Kintetsu Railway, for example between Osaka and Nagoya or Osaka and Mie, it is very convenient to use the Kintetsu Limited Express!

With the Limited Express train, both the Osaka-Nagoya and Osaka-Ise-shi routes take only about 2 hours. All seats are reserved-seats, so you can relax in your seat and enjoy the train journey.

Kintetsu Railway in Spring

Kintetsu Railway in Spring

One concern travellers have with reserved-seat only trains is whether they can get a ticket on the day of their travel.

Therefore, Kintetsu Railway has started a new service where you can easily purchase a Kintetsu Limited Express ticket online from the 15th of November 2016.

With this new service, you only need to display your Limited Express ticket you purchased online on your device such as a smartphone as an “e-ticket”, or print it out. This makes it very smooth to get on your train.

Please be aware that this “e-ticket” does not include a basic fare ticket, which you need in addition to the Limited Express ticket, so be sure to either purchase a KINTETSU RAIL PASS or get a basic fare ticket at the ticket vending machines at the station.

Everyone, please enjoy a relaxing journey with Kintetsu Limited Express.

For more information on Reservations for the Kintetsu Limited Express, please check here:

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