Seasonal Attractions

Japan is a land of vastly different climates. At certain points of the year, the mountainous far north can be snowing while the tropical southern islands are warm and perfect for swimming. Many activities are however more suitable at certain times of year, and of course it’s best to know when the rainy season is so you can plan to enjoy any outdoor activities!

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JNTO provides detailed information about airports, flights to Japan’s major airports and domestic services, along with information about Japan’s rail network and internal transport services.

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apan abounds in accommodations, both western-style and Japanese. Types of accommodation vary widely in terms of style and price. You can choose to stay in the familiar comforts of a western-style hotel, or enjoy the comfort and personal attention of a traditional Japanese inn.

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Travel Agents

Japan National Tourism Organization - (JNTO) is not affiliated with and does not endorse the below travel agents.
Any travel bookings made are at your own discretion.

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Search a variety of escorted and non-escorted, land-only or package independent tours, group tours and cruises to Japan by activity and budget.

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School Groups

On a school excursion to Japan, you can experience firsthand a culture far more beautiful and diverse than your textbook could ever portray.

Become a part of this fascinating country, be captured by the people and the surroundings – It will be the greatest learning experience you can find. With genuine and heart-warming hospitality, Japan awaits you.

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Flight Information

Japan is becoming more and more accessible from Australia and New Zealand. From direct flights to stop-over flights, major airlines to low cost carriers, there are plenty of options. Japan is only a 7 to 10 hour flight from Australia and an 11 to 12 hour flight from New Zealand.

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We can also post hard-copy brochures and maps to within Australia and New Zealand. If you are looking for some information on a specific region or city, please contact us using our online form. Please make sure you include your mailing address within Australia or New Zealand.

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Complete list of destinations in Japan for you to visit.

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Model Routes

The journey from Tokyo through Nagoya and on to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka is well travelled and known as Japan’s Golden Route. By making a detour off this route, you can enjoy enriching cultural experiences and see unique parts of Japan. Here are our Second Golden Route suggestions.

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