Save with a Plane Ticket at Haneda Airport

Save with a Plane Ticket at Haneda Airport

“Wing Airport Haneda” Renovation Campaign

From 25 April 2016 to 30 June 2016, customers who present an “airline ticket stub” (or equivalent*) for arrival or departure from Haneda Airport can receive the following discounts and other benefits at selected stores in “Wing Airport Haneda”, a shopping mall inside Haneda International Airport:

Shop name Benefit
7-Eleven (convenience store) Receive 1 free drink with purchase
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (drug-store) 10% discount off total purchase
Laox (electronics) 5% discount off all stainless steel bottle purchases
Shinatatsu Haneda (ramen food court) 1 special health food drink for diners
Global WiFi Wi-Fi router rental “Ninja WiFi” Normal price of 900 yen per day discounted to 800 yen (consumption tax not included)
J WalkerSIM Special discounts 7 day (4,050 yen -> 3,000 yen)

15 day (5,500 yen -> 4,500 yen)

Travelex Rate discount campaign *For cash payments only
DIVA Dental Clinic Self-whitening discount (special price 3,000 yen, excluding tax)

*Note: Airline ticket stub equivalents include printed out reservation receipts, smartphone screens, etc.

Renovated stores

1. Opening of ramen food court “Shinatatsu Haneda”

Location: Wing Airport Haneda 3rd Floor

Opening date: 25 April 2016

Hours: 7:00-23:00


Shinatatsu Haneda is a branch of Shinatatsu, which operates under Shinagawa Station on the Keikyu Line. It will provide 3 ramen shop brands in a food court. The food court will have with multiple language ticket sales machines and signs to accommodate international customers.

2. “Global WiFi” shop renovation

Location: Wing Airport Haneda 2nd Floor

Renovation date: 25 April 2016

Hours: 6:00-23:00


Number of counter seating has doubled to accommodate additional customers (from 3 to 6 seats)

 3. New installation of SIM card automatic sales machine

Location: In front of Wing Airport Haneda 2nd floor Keikyu Tourist Information Center (Hereinafter “Keikyu TIC”) counter (next to Seven Bank ATM)

Service start date: 25 April 2016

Hours: from first train of the day to last train of the day

Products sold: 7 day version (6 day + 1 day) / 15 day version (14 day + 1 day) *Telecommunications standard: LTE/3G

4. New installation of digital signage drink vending machine

Location: Behind Wing Airport 2nd floor Keikyu TIC counter

Service start date: 23 March 2016

Hours: from first train of the day to last train of the day




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