Short Trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Short Trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Short Trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

JNTO Head Office has launched a new website highlighting short trips from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. The site provides model routes for one- and two-day trips.


Foreigners living in Japan have selected their favourite places to visit and written up their recommended model itineraries. These include suggested transportation, sightseeing attractions, and estimated costs for transport and entry fees.

There are model itineraries for well-known areas such as Kanazawa and Hakone, as well as lesser-known areas such as Hiraizumi (Iwate prefecture, Tohoku region) and Takamatsu (Kagawa prefecture, Shikoku island).

The one-day trips range from 9 hours return to 15 hours return. Estimated costs for two-day trips do not include accommodation costs. Some transportation costs can be offset by using discount passes such as the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass).


The website also includes a list of travel tips, specially selected to be useful for travellers using the recommended model itineraries.



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