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Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket on sale now

Partners Information: JR East and JR West have joined forces once again to sell the convenient Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket (one-way) for tourists visiting Japan from…...
April 17, 2018 | Latest News | Transportation

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route 2018

Partners information: The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route will open in full on Sunday, 15th April 2018. Get excited! Visitors will be able to walk between…...
April 9, 2018 | Adventures | Latest News

Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass

Partners Information: Essential for enjoying the spectacular views of Tateyama Kurobe of the Japanese Alps, the JR Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass is on sale again…...
February 22, 2018 | Latest News | Travel Passes

Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass

Central Japan Railway Company has launched the Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Pass due to to increase in popularity of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route with tourists overseas.…...
April 4, 2016 | Travel Passes