The Matsuri Okinawa – Performing Arts Event

Partners Information: World class performing arts of Okinawa

The performing arts of Okinawa developed along a unique path, impacted by a diverse range of performing arts from Southeast Asia and through coexistence of performing arts for islanders and the royal court.

The Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCVB) proudly presents the performing arts of Okinawa arranged in modern style and delivered as the first serious night of entertainment in Okinawa.

The stage is one of the foremost theatres both within the prefecture as well as for Japan.


Okinawa Convention Center

August 15, 22 and 29, 2017.

National Theatre Okinawa

August 1 and 8, 2017
September 19 and 29, 2017
October 3, 2017

Urasoe Tedako Hall

October 10, 2017


Adults (aged 19+) – 3,600 yen
Junior (ages 13-18) – 2,700 yen
Child (ages 4-12) – 1,800 yen

Tickets available for purchase online.

Visit the official site for further information.