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Island Hopper Tour 2019 (12 Days/11 Nights)

21st October to 1st November 2019

Japan is made up of a whopping 6,852 islands. The Island Hopper Tour takes in four of its very best! Join us in exploring the volcanic island of Kyushu, the world heritage listed Yakushima Island, the main island of the tropical paradise of Okinawa, and the pristine Tokashiki Island!

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Summer Festivals Tour 2019 (14 Days/13 Nights)

23rd July to 5th August 2019

Japan comes alive in summer! Summer in Japan is a time for fantastic fireworks displays, exhilarating festivals, and scenery in its most lush and vibrant state. Join us on a vibrant journey of tradition and fun!

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Shades of Autumn Tour 2018 (14 Days/13 Nights)

21st November to 5th December 2018

Colourful autumn leaves are to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring. Viewing autumn leaves has been a popular pastime in Japan for centuries. Join us in a colourful journey through modern and traditional Japan!

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Classic Japan Tour 2019 (14 Days/13 Nights)

21st May to 3rd June 2019 / 3rd to 16th September 2019

If you only had one chance to visit Japan and wanted to tick all the boxes, then the Classic Japan Tour is the perfect tour for you! Join us on this all-encompassing tour of Japan and travel from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south.

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Spring Sakura Tour 2019 (14 Days/13 Nights)

April 12th to April 25th, 2019

The timing of the Spring Sakura Tour will allow you to experience the various different stages of the life of the cherry blossom. We will view cherry blossoms and other spring flowers at some of the most famous gardens, temples, shrines, and nature spots in Japan.

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Winter Wonders Tour 2019 (12 Days/11 Nights)

27th January to 7th February 2019

Japan is famous for the beauty of its seasons, and winter is perhaps the most sublime. Winter is also arguably the best time of the year to visit Japan for culinary travellers. Join us on a sparkling journey through Japan’s winter wonderland!

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