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Sapporo Snow Festival 13 days

4th February 2017 (land-only)

While Japan is famous for its pink hue of springtime, winter offers something slightly different, but just as special. Take in the highlights of Japan, explore the snowy wilds of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island, and join in the revelry of the Sapporo Snow Festival.

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Takayama Festival 11 days

6th October 2016 (land-only)

Autumn in Japan is simply spectacular, as the country transforms into stunning hues of yellow, orange and red. Take in the highlights of Japan during this beautiful season and witness the festivities of the colourful Takayama Autumn Festival on this special departure.

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Land of the Samurai 12 days

Selected Saturdays from 9 Apr – 12 Nov '16 / 18 Mar – 18 Nov '17 (land-only)

Wing your way into Tokyo and out of Osaka on this 12 day Japanese adventure, taking in the scenic splendours of Hakone and Miyajima Island, the cultural delights of Kyoto and the history of Hiroshima.

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Best of Japan 8 days

Selected Saturdays from 9 Apr - 12 Nov '16 / 18 Mar – 18 Nov '17 (land-only)

From the neon-lit streets and glimmering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the age-old temples and shrines of Kyoto, taking in the scenic delights of Hakone en route, discover the highlights of Japan in just 8 days.

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