From $6,780

18 Days Great Trail of Japan

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Experience traditional and modern Japan in this perfectly designed 18 days semi-independent adventure. Immerse yourself in the crowd of Tokyo, Cruising along lake Ashi at the foot of Mt.Fuji, take a rural trip to discover the famous snow monkey, witness the world heritage Shirakawa-go, walking on the ancient street of…

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From $4,980

Japan Golden Route 10 Days

24 Mar, 21 Oct and 11 Nov 2017 (includes flights)

Golden Route is a common path made by first-time visitors. This 10 Days trip will be a fantastic choice providing the opportunity to explore Japan at its best season. You will enjoy the spectacular view of the cities, ancient temples and shrines as well as the unique Japanese culture. Highlights…

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From $3,880

Japan Express 9 days

Wed, Fri and Sun departures (includes flights)

Japan is an intricate blend of East and West, along with unexpectedly beautiful landscapes and charmingly courteous people. Though some of its cities look highly westernised, the nation remains its tangible sense of history and cherished traditions. This tour allows you to capture the essential of Japan within a short…

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From $6,180

Japan World Heritage Tour 16 Days

Wed, Fri and Sun departures (includes flights)

Japan is renowned for its charming sites, both natural and man-made, many of which have been accredited by UNESCO as the rare World Heritage. This 16 day Semi guided tour offer flexible departure dates covers spectacular castles, ancient villages, beautiful gardens, Spectacular Mountains, unique temples and shrines and the glorious…

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