Wi-Ho! Pocket Wi-Fi routers now offer delivery

Partners Information: Wi-Ho! Pocket Wi-Fi rental company has recently added ‘delivery’ as one of the pick-up methods for customers to choose from.

This announcement is in response to the increasing number of visitors to Japan who prefer to receive their Pocket Wi-Fi at their hotel or other accommodations.

The new ‘delivery’ method of pick-up will be available along the current ‘pick-up’ and ‘return’ services available at airport counters throughout Japan.

New customers accessing the Wi-Ho! website to rent a pocket Wi-Fi can choose ‘delivery’ as the pick-up method. Customers specify the address which the router should be delivered to on their application forms. A courier will be sent to deliver the device on the day selected to start using it.

Customers can also choose ‘delivery’ as the method to return their device. A cash-on-delivery return slip will be provided to help return the devices.

Rent a Wi-Ho! Pocket Wi-Fi router

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