World Heritage Gokayama Winter Light Up Tour

World Heritage Gokayama Winter Light Up Tour

Club Tourism has launched a special winter light-up tour visiting the UNESCO World Heritage listed village of Gokayama in the snow. The tour features:

Tour duration

2 days


English or Chinese (please specify your preferred language at time of booking)

Departure dates and Prices

Departing Tokyo – Feb 19, 20 2017

Departing Tokyo – Feb 18 2017



Day 1

Depart Shinjuku (8:00am) -> [Limited Express “Azusa” Train] -> Matsumoto Station-> [Bus] -> Hida Takayama (stroll) ->[Bus] ->Gokayama (Event/Hida Beef Sushi Dinner)-> [Bus] ->Etchu Tonamino Onsen (accommodation, approx 22:00 arrival)

Day 2

Etchu Tonamino Onsen -> [Bus] ->Higashi Chaya District (stroll) ->[Bus] ->Kenrokuen Garden  ->[Bus] ->Omicho Market (Lunch at your own expense) -> [Bus] ->Matsumoto Station -> [Limited Express “Azusa” Train] ->Shinjuku Station (21:06 arrival)

Further information and booking

Visit the Official Site


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